Logo and Branding

Usage Saint Agnes School has reserved all rights to the use of our trademarks, school colors, mascot, mission statement, motto and all associated logos. These artifacts are intended for the strict use of Saint Agnes School only. Customary permissions to use the school’s name, mascot, school colors, and the like are extended to the media offering coverage of the school and members of its community in news reporting. However, anyone desiring to use any of the above for other purposes must have the expressed written consent of the school’s Coordinator of Marketing & Communications. Please submit all requests by email.

Branding Guidelines

The Saint Agnes brand identity is a powerful asset to maintaining the school’s public identity. We strive to consistently build and maintain a brand identity that conveys to all our stakeholders our identity, values, and vision. The Saint Agnes School Brand Style Guide is intended to guide our faculty, coaches, parents, and outside partners in the proper use of all school logos, mascot images, colors and school names on school-related communications, materials, and apparel. In an effort to protect the integrity of our school brand, all faculty, coaches, alumni, students, supporters, and commercial partners who participate in communicating the identity of our schools apply these guidelines without modification. No other logos or symbols should are permitted. To obtain versions of the school logos or more information, contact the Coordinator of Marketing & Communications.

Download the Saint Agnes School Brand Style Guide.