Grade 9 Admissions Process

Ready to become an Aggie? Future freshmen students can apply for enrollment at Saint Agnes in 6 easy steps below! Download an Application Checklist for Grade 9 (PDF) for your convenience. 

Looking to transfer mid-year? Please call our Admissions Office at 651-925-8803 to inquire about availability. 

Apply for Grade 9

1. Submit Your Online Application

Enroll in TADS (Admissions & Enrollment service) to:
-Complete application for admission.
     -Priority acceptance date: December 21, 2019
     -Secondary acceptance date: January 31, 2020
-Submit $100 application fee ($300 maximum per family).
-Call Admissions Office at 651-925-8803 to coordinate acquisition of prior progress reports.

2. Submit Two Letters of Recommendation

Submit two character-based letters of recommendation from adults who are not related to the student (e.g., coach, mentor, supervisor, etc.). Email the completed letters to Mr. Joseph Olson.

3. Send a Written Essay 

Answer one of the following prompts in approximately 300-400 words:
a) Tell us about a hero in your life. This could be a family member, a friend, a public figure, a literary character, a canonized saint, etc. What make him/her a hero to you?
OR b) What do you perceive to be one of the greatest challenges that will be faced by your generation? In what ways will a Saint Agnes high school education prepare you and your peers to face this challenge? 

Your final copy is to be handwritten, scanned, and uploaded to TADS or emailed to Mr. Joseph Olson.

4. Schedule an Admissions Interview

Contact the Admissions Office at 651-925-8803 to schedule an admissions interview to meet with Mr. Joseph Olson, Director of Admissions.

5. Take the Freshman Placement Exam

Come join us for the Freshman Placement Exam from 8:00-10:00 AM on Saturday, January 11, 2020. Parents are welcome to join for an informative session with our Headmaster, Dr. Kevin Ferdinandt, and Q&A with our Admissions Director, Mr. Joseph Olson. Light breakfast will be provided!

Admissions Acceptance Criteria

All completed applicant files are reviewed by both the Director of Admissions and the Director of the Upper School prior to final acceptance. Students who are of concern in the areas of academic and/or behavior are to meet with the Director of the Upper School.

The following criteria will be considered for acceptance decisions of new applicants for grades 1-12:

  • Academic and behavioral readiness/performance
  • Family commitment to school mission
  • Relationship of student to school (sibling of current student, sibling or child of alumnus/a, child of faculty or staff, parishioner, etc.)
  • Testing and transcript evaluation
  • Placement exam (if applicable)
  • Date of application

Existing families at Saint Agnes School who are in good standing with their current tuition agreements will be given first priority until January 20, 2020. All other applications will be reviewed according to the criteria noted above, in no particular order of priority.  New applicants will be contacted after January 20, 2020, regarding the status of their application.

If space is not available, applicants will be notified and eligible students will be placed on a waiting list. Registration fees are refundable if Saint Agnes is unable to offer placement for your child, or if you request to have your child removed from the waiting list.

Request more information about Saint Agnes and schedule your visit today! Questions? Please contact our Admissions Director, Mr. Joseph Olson, at 651-925-8803.