Combining the Montessori Method with Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, we provide a quality, affordable, spiritual education that is faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and is meant to support parents as the primary educators of their children.

The curriculum unites the philosophy and teaching method of Maria Montessori with the catechetical approach to the religious formation of the child developed by Sofia Cavalleti and Gianna Gobbi. Our Preschool seeks to nurture the child’s desire to learn and grow by providing a Catholic environment for moral, physical, emotional, social, and mental development.

Print a summary of our  Preschool Overview or learn more about the Curriculum Scope & Sequence.

What is the Seton Montessori Philosophy of Education?
Maria Montessori recognized the dignity of the human person within the child. She believed education must be an “education for life.” Education is not something imposed on the child, but the child must be actively involved. Education must take into account the developmental stage of the child, which she theorized as “planes of development,” and brief surges of interest towards a particular task, which she called “sensitive periods.” These periods assist the child in the development of skills such as walking, writing, speaking, or reading.

Maria Montessori observed that the child from birth to age three seemed to absorb and take in everything from their environment, an idea she referred to as “the Absorbent Mind.” The child absorbs all sorts of impressions and then begins to classify these impressions. From age three to six, the child becomes self-aware and starts saying “I” or “me,” becoming aware of him or herself as a separate being. This is a critical time of consolidation, as impressions are classified when they are revisited. Through the child’s refinement of movement and languages, finer classifications are made. A movement from the unconscious to the conscious, this development is not an instantaneous, intentional force of the will but a slow, gradual process. The child is not independent but requires the help of adults. Every sensorial impression and classification is a building block of the intellect. The absorbing mind is non-discriminatory and unselective. It should be offered the best environment, because the environment will shape the intellect profoundly.

What Does a Day at Preschool Look Like?
7:45-8:00 AM Arrival. Children arrive and are welcomed to join in the morning’s activities.
8:00-11:30 AM Montessori Work-Cycle. Work-cycles are core time for the children to focus on individual, independent work with some opportunities for collaborative, small group work. During the cycle, children engage with sensorial, math, language, and Montessori materials; participate in practical life activities (care of self and care of the environment); eat snacks with friends; and develop hand-eye coordination.
11:30 AM Half-Day Dismissal. Children in Half-Day Program are dismissed.
11:30 AM – 12 PM Large Motor Skills Time. Children will spend this transition time together engaging in recreation such as gardening, practical life activities (sweeping, weeding, shoveling), large motor activities (hopping, jumping, playing with balls), artwork, crafts, games, enjoying nature, etc. 
12-12:30 PM Lunch & Lunch Clean Up. Parent provide lunch. Children are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
 12:30-2:30 PM Extended Half-Day Dismissal & Full-Day Transition. Children in Extended Half-Day Program are dismissed. Second Montessori Work-Cycle begins for the afternoon.
2:30 PM Work-Cycle Ends & Full-Day Dismissal. Children in Full-Day Program are dismissed.

Where is the Preschool Located?
Our newly renovated Montessori Preschool is located in the lower level of Saint Agnes School.

What Are the Tuition Rates for 2019-20?
Half-Day Program (8:00-11:30 AM) | $3,620
Extended Half-Day Program with Lunchtime (8:00 AM – 12:30 PM) | $4,230
Full-Day Program (8:00 AM – 2:30 PM) | $5,600 

Is Before or After School Care Available?
Before School Care is available for $5/day from 7:30-8:00 AM. (Before School Care is free of charge for children in full-day program). After School Care will not be available for children in preschool program.

What Ages May Attend?
We are accepting 3 and 4-year-olds for enrollment. Children must be potty-trained to attend.

How Can I Apply?

Submit an application via TADS.

Please contact Mr. Joseph Olson.