Tuition & Fees

“The only thing of lasting value I can buy for my children is an education.”

It has never been more difficult to raise children to be people of faith, reason, and virtue than it is today. High-quality Catholic education, like the one our beloved Saint Agnes provides, is challenging for many to afford and access. 

Many of our families make significant sacrifices to have their children attend Saint Agnes–an admirable example of faith in God. 

Our faculty and staff members, who believe they have a vocation to serve in our Saint Agnes apostolate, choose to work here when they could make substantially more money in the private sector. We remain committed to the delicate balance of affordable tuition rates for families of all sizes and socioeconomic backgrounds as well as a just wage for our employees. 

No one pays the full cost of a Saint Agnes School education. The full cost to educate a Preschool-6th grade student is $8,200/year; for a 7-12th grade student, $13,900/year. Full tuition covers only between 61-84% of the cost to educate our students. We receive just a small amount of money from your tax dollars through the state of Minnesota, and the resulting difference (approximately $1.95 Million) is subsidized by generous donors and friends who understand the eternal value of a Saint Agnes education. 

With these many considerations, we have prayerfully determined the following:

2019-2020 Tuition Rates and Responsibilities