Common Core Standards

Statement on Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

Due to increased inquiries from current and prospective families, Saint Agnes School has issued the following statement about Common Core State Standards:

After much consideration and research, Saint Agnes School will not adapt or adopt the Common Core Standards which were developed for the public school system.  That said, we acknowledge that there is a base of adequate secular material in the Common Core State Standards that faith-based schools could reference as part of their educational programming. While we respectfully understand that other private and Catholic schools may discern to adapt or adopt the standards for these and other reasons, we do not believe that such actions would benefit the mission, Catholic identity or academic excellence of our school. 

The decision not to adopt CCSS will not in any way have a negative effect on our students; Saint Agnes School will continue to assess various standards of excellence in primary and secondary education as well as college readiness norms to develop its own, independent standards of rigor and accountability.  We believe that it is of primary importance to infuse elements of the Catholic intellectual tradition into our curriculum; we believe this heritage is an integral component of Catholic education and a distinguishing element of Saint Agnes School’s academic program.

To conclude, we believe that our school ought to offer a distinct alternative to the public school model – one that is grounded in faith and the pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness.  We believe that Saint Agnes is a model par excellence of Catholic education that works. 

For questions on Common Core State Standards, please contact our Academic Dean, Mr. Michael Adkins at 651-925-8756.