Freshman Placement Exam

8:00 AM Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Freshman Placement Exam is required for all current 8th and prospective 9th graders in order to best determine placement in 9th grade courses. It is also required to qualify for certain merit-based scholarships.  The test consists of four 30 minute sections and will be finished around 11:00 AM. Please arrive by 7:50 AM so we can begin promptly.

Parents are welcome to stay in our commons area during the test. We will offer a brief overview of what a transition to high school looks like for students and their families, as well as a discussion about our financial aid packages and potential scholarships. There will also be time for a presentation and Q & A session with Dr. Kevin Ferdinandt, Headmaster, and Mr. Joseph Olson, Director of Admissions.

Students need only to bring a calculator and #2 pencils. Extra supplies will be available. We will provide a light breakfast of donuts, fruit, and coffee for both parents and students.

Please contact Mr. Olson with any questions at 651-925-8803.