Multi-Location Volunteers

Special Instructions for Saint Agnes Volunteers from Multiple/Prior Archdiocesan Locations

E3 Updates/Extra Paperwork may be needed.

If you are a new volunteer to Saint Agnes and have come from another Archdiocese location, you will need to check your E3 compliance for Saint Agnes.

We ask that all new volunteers fill out a Volunteer Application for Saint Agnes.

You may have completed all your E3 within the past three years, but Background Checks (BG) and MN BCA 123B.03 (123B) reports are authorized, paid for, and “owned” by the primary location in your VIRTUS account at the time it was submitted. If that was not Saint Agnes, we cannot access them. With a signed release from you, we can get copies sent for our records, but that can take 1-2 weeks to process. This release would need to be redone each time a new report is submitted.

If Saint Agnes will now be your new primary location, you can change that within your VIRTUS account, so all future records will be processed and owned by Saint Agnes.

Volunteers at schools (but not parishes) are now required to have completed the (one-time) 123B report. It may not have been submitted for you in the past. If that is the case, we would need to run a new BG to run the 123B. This could take 1-2 weeks and needs additional paperwork. 

Volunteer Application Form (Must be completed and returned to Saint Agnes)

Background Check Report Sharing Release (Must be completed and returned to Saint Agnes)

Questions? Please contact Volunteer & Safe Environment Coordinator Annette Beaudry at 651-925-8826.