College Planning Resources

College & University Visits Hosted by Saint Agnes

Visits from college admissions counselors offer Saint Agnes high school students the opportunity to learn about the departments, programs, majors, activities, and student life of various colleges and universities.

The schedule for college/university visits is now available on Naviance/Family Connect (each junior and senior has login info) and posted on the bulletin board on 3rd floor.

Announcements will be made during Morning Prayer as well to notify students of visits.

College representatives come during high school lunch or after school in the Guidance Office.

Please contact Mrs. Rachel Kemp, Guidance Counselor, with questions at 651-925-8752.

Important College Application Documents

Transcript Request Form
Transcript Request Forms should be completed and submitted to the Guidance Office. Please allow at least two weeks for a request to be processed.

Teacher Letter of Recommendation Info Form
When requesting a letter of recommendation from a teacher, students must complete the Letter of Recommendation Information Form and submit it to the teacher writing the letter. Teachers should be given at least two weeks to process the request.


The Family Connection link is for seniors applying to college and is a way for students to work with the Guidance Office in sending official academic records to colleges and universities. It allows the Guidance Office to electronically send admissions documents on behalf of students with a secure record of their reception by post-secondary institutions. The site also has information on scholarships available to students applying to college. Login.

The site will be launched to seniors in the coming days; each senior will be given a registration number to login.

*Download the “Family Connection Basic User Guide” as a PDF for assistance in navigating the system.

Please contact Mr. Michael Adkins, Dean of Academics, with questions at 651-925-8756.