Please Bring Cafeteria Accounts to Current by the End of the School Year

All cafeteria accounts must be brought current by the end of the school year. You may check your account balance on Educate and make a payment on the school website or by check/cash in the Main Office. Funds remaining in the account will roll over to the 2019-2020 school year. For households with no returning students, refunds will be sent by mail in June. Please contact Sandy Veal at 651-925-8815 with any questions.

To access the Cafeteria information for your Household:
-Log into Educate.
-At the top, select “School” and from the dropdown menu select “Cafeteria.”
-This screen will show all cafeteria activity, including student meal/milk purchases, payments made and the balance.
-Click the column header to sort by date or student.
-“Make Cafeteria Payment” may also be selected from this screen.

For your reference, lunch is $2.95; extra entrée (doubles) is $1.70; extra milk or milk with lunch from home is $0.30; breakfast is $1.85 for grades 1-12.