Honor Roll

Academic Dean Mr. Michael Adkins is pleased to announce the 2019-2020 Semester Two Honor Roll. Congratulations to all those who earned a place on the Honor Roll! Students in grades 7-12 earn a place on the Honor Roll in the following ways: Honors are awarded to students using the following system:
  • Honor Roll – Semester GPA of 3.00 – 3.32
  • Dean’s List – Semester GPA of 3.33 – 3.66
  • Headmaster’s List – Semester GPA of 3.67 and above
The criteria for Academic Honors and qualifying for a letter in Academics are as follow: First Letter (Academics Patch – book or lamp): -2 consecutive semesters of Headmaster’s (formerly Principal’s) List -3 consecutive semesters of Dean’s List -4 consecutive semesters of Honor Roll Subsequent Letter (Bar Patch): -1 semester of Dean’s List or higher Click here to see patch examples and where to purchase them for letter jackets. Please note that letter patches are not provided by the school.