Lettering in Academics

To qualify for a letter in academics, 9-12 students must meet the following criteria:

  • First letter (Academics patch: book or lamp)
  • 2 consecutive semesters of Principal’s List (3.67 GPA and above)
  • 3 consecutive semesters of Dean’s List (3.33-3.66 GPA)
  • 4 consecutive semesters of Honor Roll (3.00-3.32 GPA)

To earn subsequent letters (bar patch):

  • 1 semester of Dean’s List or higher

To obtain a letter or letter jacket:

If you qualified for a letter in Academics (or have in the past) and wish to obtain a letter and/or letter jacket, they may be purchased from:

Harold’s Shoe Repair
2940 Rice Street
Little Canada, MN 55113

Strauss Skates & Bicycles
1751 East Cope Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55109

You may also order letter jackets online from:

MECA Sportswear
Begin the order process here.
School ID: 3881
Password: meca